Research project: "Assessing the interactions between kelp farming and the biofouling community"

Primary supervisor: Dr Elisabeth Strain (IMAS-Taroona)
Co-supervisor(s) with affiliation and location: A/Prof. Catriona MacLeod (IMAS – Battery Point) and Dr. Wouter Visch (IMAS – Battery Point)

Intended location(s) of student: Taroona/Battery Point


We are currently advertising a position within the CRC-P project for an enthusiastic Honours or Master student interested in seaweed aquaculture.

The research project will investigate the interactions between finfish and kelp farming on the associated biofouling and macro-invertebrate communities.

The results of the thesis will provide quantitative measurements of the effects of different types of kelp farming, on the biofouling community of 2 different species of cultured kelps. Furthermore, the findings of this study may offer novel insights into the best timing for culturing kelps in the IMTA system. The student will learn key skills in fieldwork (e.g. diving), taxonomy, and quantitative ecology. The project will involve both laboratory and field work and data analyses.

For further information, please contact Dr. Wouter Visch at wouter.visch@utas.edu.au