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The Seaweed Solution for Sustainable Aquaculture Team is involved in the production of a wide variety of research publications including journal articles and reports.

Browse the list of publications below.

Optimisation of at-sea culture and harvest conditions for cultivated Macrocystis pyrifera: yield, biofouling and biochemical composition of cultured biomass

Year: 2022

Authors: C. Biancacci, W. Visch, D. L. Callahan, G. Farrington, D. S. Francis, P. Lamb, A. McVilly, A. Nardelli, J. C. Sanderson, J. Schwoerbel, C. L. Hurd, B. Evans, C. Macleod and A. Bellgrove

Kelp nursery optimisation: density-dependent effects in early life-cycle stages of Ecklonia radiata (Laminariales)

Year: 2022

Authors: J. Schwoerbel , W. Visch , J. T. Wright , A. Bellgrove , J. C. Sanderson , C. MacLeod and C. L. Hurd

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